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How do I install CMS made easy?

You don’t!

CMS made easy is a browser based application.  When you subscribe to our service we issue a password against your chosen email address and you log in via our “Editor Login” page.

How secure is CMS made easy?

We take every precaution to prevent the unauthorized access of subscriber login information by third-parties. We use 128-bit AES  encryption to safeguard your credentials from potential attackers. We also run scheduled penetration testing against our software to maintain the highest level of security possible.

For more information about the security of your login information, please refer to our Terms of Use.

Can I build a website?

In theory yes, but this is not the best tool for creating a website.

We would advise you to create a website first.  

Call us on 0705 080 4092 and we’ll help you set-up a website.  We’ll arrange your domain name, hosting and develop a site with you.

Then our product is great for further development, enhancements, and  maintenance.

Do I need to change Host?

No.  Our editor works by looking up your web pages on your existing website, passing them to our editing software for you to edit and preview, then uploading the changes back to your own site.

We do this via a process called FTP and your host will almost certainly provide you with FTP access.

Because we work by reading and writing to your own website, if you change host, just tell us and carry on using CMS made easy.

What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a standard connection protocol used to connect to a website and transfer files to and from it. Your hosting company will almost certainly provide FTP access to your site.

You will need to know the FTP address, login name and password before you can use CMS made easy.  You will be able to get this from your website designer or your hosting company.  To find out who your hosting company is (and other public information about your site) go to

Help with Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Oh yes...  We believe that one of the main reasons people look for an editor like CMS made easy is to try and do a bit of self help in promoting their site.  We help in the following 5 ways:-

1. When you request a free-trial, we send you a short report on your site’s SEO status.

2. We give you a link to an incredible FREE CMSeo package.  It really is Free and you don’t need to ever buy anything to make it work for you.

3. CMS made easy gives you access to everything on your web pages that you need to tune for SEO.  For those who know, that includes the organic text and hidden tags for H1-H6, Title, Description, Keywords, Alt-image and Link-title.  You need to also learn about web-based marketing for your site (SEM), which includes things like backlinks, blogs, social networks and advertising.

4.  For those who don’t know, we give lots of free SEO advice on our training site, but the above CMSeo package also comes with a very comprehensive training course!

5.  We offer SEO and SEM consulting and services.

Can I use it with Flash and proprietary sites?

Flash - CMS made easy allows you to upload Flash files (and a variety of other video formats) but is not a flash editor.

MySpace, Wordpress, Google Sites and some others - No. These vendors do not provide FTP access.

Ecommerce sites are linked closely to a database, which inputs dynamically to your pages.  We do not provide a database editor - so our editor is meaningless on a site which dynamically generates pages.

Do we at CMS made easy own anything on your site?

No - absolutely not.  You own it all - we help you edit it and write it back, but we have no rights whatsoever to any of your content.  The latest content remains on your site with your host.

We do retain up to 90 days page history so that you can go back to a previous version of a page (that has saved more than one site from disaster!), but it’s your content and if you cancel your subscription we delete all copies within 30 days.

What does it cost?

You can try CMS made easy for free by clicking on the link to the free trial.

If you like it - to use CMS made easy we charge just £10* per month or £99 annually ($16 per month or  $160 annually).

There is a small amount of technical set-up, which we do for you!

We may charge for set-up, depending on the complexity of your site, but this charge, when applied,  is typically under £150 ($250).

*excluding VAT

Restaurants and Pubs

One of our most popular user types are restaurant owners who need to frequently change menus, wine lists and specials.

In turn, we do a “special” for them - see our Restaurant Page.

1. How do I install CMS made easy on my computer?


2. How secure is CMS made easy?


3. Can I use CMS made easy to build a website?

4. Do I need to change my hosting arrangements?

5. What exactly is FTP?

6. Does CMS made easy help with Search Engine Optimisation - SEO?

7. Can I use CMS made easy with Flash, Wordpress and ecommerce Sites?

8. Do you own anything on my website?

9. What does it cost?

10. What about Restaurant & Pub menus?

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