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Internet Related

World Wide Web Consortium

Standards body for the web

Online backup and mobile access

Secure online backup, but then you or a colleague can access the files (or a limited sub-set) from anywhere.

FREE PC Toolkit

Download this FREE toolkit (no need to register, upgrade, buy anything).  No malware, viruses, etc.

Speeds up your computer, removes unwanted stuff, fixes unusual problems.  We use it all the time and it really works.

Download the file.

Business Advisors (International)

UK - Monkey Island Ltd, Oxon

Fund raising and business strategy

USA - Velocity Associates, MA

Specialists in Internet Marketing

Business Organisations

USA - Small Business Administration

US federal govmt. Agency to help small businesses

UK - Federation of Small Businesses

The UK’s leading business organisation

UK - The Institute of Directors

The UK’s organisation for company directors

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency

Generate UK, a leading marketing Agency offering a full range of services including SEO, Social Media, Video, campaigns management,  ecommerce, SEO.

Virtual Telemarketing

CCP Telemarketing

This is a cloud-based virtual call centre service, backed by a national network of Tele-Agents.

Really smart package lets you control everything; listen to all calls in or out, define campaigns, stop and start at will. Specialist “schemes” for business applications (eg invoice chasing, garage services, IFA calling). Also has a Virtual Reception Service.

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